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Jake Havoc Goes to Space Setlists

Jake Havoc 2/6/19

Hannah Morrison

The Pacer Test

The hot tub is too hot - Zack Galifianakis

Straight Outta the Sewer - Das EFX

I’m Just a Stone - Wesley’s Wuppets

I've Got Peace Like A River - Wesley’s Wuppets

Nature May Not Recover - French Kettle Station

Não Vá Se Perder por Aí - Os Mutantes

Pete Best discusses how he became the drummer of the Beatles.

It’s a Raggy Waltz - Dave Brubeck

Dating: Do’s and Dont’s - Kodachrome 50’s television special

Jared Polis asks a Louisiana congressman if he would like him to smoke a crayfish while Pingu talks to his mother.

You Keep on Looking - Gary Wilson

O’Reilly auto parts jingle but in an avant-garde style

Timothy Leary talks about how to find spiritual awakening

Lenox - Ronald Snijders

Rick Astley talks about the ramifications of his internet fame.

Living (Frans Zwartjes, Netherlands, 1971)

Richard Nixon - Resignation speech

A Chinese scientist discusses the ramifications of his illegal gene editing experiment while Dave Brubeck takes an awesome solo.

Aloha Oe - Alien Midgets

How To Pronounce Poinsettia

Marvin Gaye sings during an avant-garde Hawaiian composition

Short Circuit - Daft Punk

Drama on The Steve Harvey Show accompanied by the Mii Channel theme song

Bobby Jindal drops out of the presidential race (2016)

Elizabeth Warren drinks beer.

Tim and Eric try to help Zack Galifianakis calm down but the hot tub was so hot.

Jack Black does impersonations of children on the Jimmy Fallon Show

R. Stevie Moore - Why Should I love You?

Tally Ho! - Wagon Christ

Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie accept an American Television Award.