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Jake Havoc Goes to Space Setlists

Jake Havoc 1/23/19

Hannah Morrison

“Jake Havoc Goes to Space” is a concept show which exists upon the premise that it is happening in outer space, and that a spaceship far away is picking up limited signals from Earth.

In the first episode, the Kennedy Nixon debate, a Smooth Jazz radio, and a broken signal of the Beatles “Help!”, along with excerpts from The Day the Earth Stood Still and It Came From Outer Space were featured.

I’ve Got the Tiger by the Tail - Jeff Haskell

Silver Apples of the Moon - Morton Subotnick

The Moog and Me - Dick Hyman

Temporary Chicken - Telex

Speedball - Naked City

Shakin’ the Shack - Dave Koz

Baby Father - Livinal Thompson

Diska Limba Man - Medico Doktor Vibes

Rain Dance - Herbie Hancock

Credit - Ariel Pink

My Underwater Boy - Satanicpornocultshop

Goo Glub - Jumex

High Altitude Over Our Eastern Shore - Alien Porno Midgets

Black Hole Sun - The Moog Cookbook

Gossipo Perpetuo - Jean-Jacques Perrey

Electronic Boogie-Woogie - Dick Raaijmakers