11 Mar, 2013

It’s Co-Presents Week with the Hi-Dive!

If you’ve never been to the Hi-Dive, frankly, you’re missing out. One of the best, perfectly dive-y venues in Denver, we’ve seen some of our favorite shows of all time at this spot on South Broadway.

We’re presenting a bunch of wonderful shows with the Hi-Dive this spring, so we wanted to highlight the venue and the upcoming events we’re excited about!

Tune in all week long for your chance to win tickets to shows like Veronica Falls, Radiation City, Delicate Steve, Bad Weather California, Phosphorescent, and Fol Chen! We’ll be hooking lucky winners up with passes for them and a date (or a friend, or a mom, or whoever) to these shows–so move that dial to 1190AM (if you still have a dial) or listen in right here on the site.

Don’t miss the other great shows hitting the Hi-Dive later in the spring too, and look out for those tickets on the horizon: B. Dolan, Parenthetical Girls, The Men, Imperial Teen, Metz, and Telekinesis (we know right, how are you going to keep up with all these awesome shows?! Gotta tune in to 1190 over the coming months, I guess!)

Plus, this partnership is giving you a cool little opportunity to pick up some 1190 gear, as the fine people at the Hi-Dive will be giving out some Radio 1190 tees, hoodies, and duffle bags at their Tuesday Gentlemen’s Dart Tournament!

Tune in, and hopefully we’ll be seeing you around the Hi-Dive.

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  1. alex
    March 13, 2013

    Love the Hi-Dive… have seen some great stuff there lately, and always a good vibe: The Spits, Ty Segall!

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