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Hypnotic Turtle Setlists

Hypnotic Turtle 1/24/19: Write On Thelma

Hannah Morrison

Parliament - Kool - Aid (DM Clean Bean Mix)
Material - Words Of Advice
The Egyptian Lover vs. Diablo Montalban - 
Hypnotic Turtle Radio
Bobby Bare - Drop Kick Me, Jesus
DBUK - Broncos Fight Song (Live In Studio)
DBUK - Jim Nabors From Bass To Mezzo Soprano 
(Live In Studio)
DBUK - Deerslayer (Live In Studio)
DBUK - The Columbia Girl (Live In Studio)
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Black Betty
Leadbelly - Black Betty
Tom Jones - Black Betty
Diablo Montalban - Bamba Lamb
The Melvins - Black Betty
Leadbelly - Black Betty (DM Pod Bay Doors Mix)
Hypnotic Radio Theatre - 
The Facts Of Life Ep. 10: Adoption
The Facts Of Life Theme - Jen Sygit/London Music Works
The Facts Of Life - Southern Creek Players
Diablo Montalban - The Facts Of Life (All About You Mix)
DBUK - From The Estate Of John Denver
Danielle Depicciotto and Alexander Hacke - 
Ballad of The Lonely Fish
Larry Norman - I Wish We'd All Been Ready
DBUK - And God Bless You
DBUK - Bonnie Clyde, 
The Big Bull Hen Of The Women's Prison
DBUK - Coca Colonialism
DBUK - The Misrepresentation Of The Thompson Gun
DBUK - It's Killing Me
DBUK - And God Bless You
DBUK - The Columbia Girl
DBUK - Uncle John's Boat
DBUK - Three Bloodhounds, Two Sheperds, 
One Fila Brasila
Roger Williams - Summer Samba (DM Oops Mix)
Diablo Montalban - The Facts (Reprise)
DBUK - Broncos Fight Song (DM Hard Fought Mix)