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Hypnotic Turtle Setlists

Hypnotic Turtle 1/17/19: Something Old, Something New

Hannah Morrison

SPECIAL GUESTS: hackedepicciotto  and  Kenzie Sitterud

Malibu Ken - “Corn Maze”
Ata Kak - “Yemmpa Aba”
Toro y Moi - “Freelance”
Diablo Montalban - “Punk Rock Prez?!”
King Khan - “America Goddamn”
Hotel Radio (Kenzie Sitterud) - “Cowboy”
Hotel Radio - “Plexiglass”
Hotel Radio - “On Holiday”
Danielle Depicciotto/Alexander Hacke - “The Circuit”
hackedepiciotto - “All Are Welcome”
hackedepiciotto - “Dreamcatcher”
hackedepiciotto - “Jericho”
hackedepiciotto - “Nosce Te Ipsum”
hackedepiciotto - “Pilgrim”
hackedepiciotto - “The Long Way Home”
hackedepiciotto - “Prophecy”
hackedepiciotto - “Crossroad”
Danielle De Picciotto - “Horchata”
Einstürzende Neubauten - “Feurio (Live 1990)”
Einsturzende Neubauten - “Perpetuum Mobile (Single)”
Einsturzende Neubauten - “NNNAAAMMM (DMMM MMMIX)”