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Hypnotic Turtle Setlists

Hypnotic Turtle 1/31/19: That's Entertainment, Evans Style

Hannah Morrison

Yolanda Be Cool - Dance And Chant
Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa
Bonde do Role - Banana Woman
Dr. A.C. - Busy Lady (Radio Edit)
Diablo Montalban - Busy Banana
The Drood - Three For Falling
Claudzilla vs. Diablo Montalban - Sunday Tea Job
The Drood - Self-Imposed Perpetual Dissatisfaction
Claudzilla - Hard To be A Killer (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Creepy Boy (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Human Fly (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Weirdo Anthem (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Don't Twist My Knob (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Mental Hopscotch (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Mare Serentatus (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Der Kommisar (Live In Studio)
James Ingram - Yah Mo B There (DM Mo Mo Mix)(RIP)
DBUK - Deerslayer
Ditlev Buster - Experimental love
Claudzilla - Hard To Be A Killer
Ditlev Buster & Claudzilla - Alting Dufter Starkere I Regnejr
Diablo Montalban - Mr. Toxicity
Carol Hall - Carnival Man (DM Carny Con Carne Mix)
Acidbat - Lavender Lemonade
Gort vs. Goom - Exiled From The Others
Gort vs Goom - S.T.A.R.
The Far Stairs - Twelve Haunted Towns
The Far Stairs - Rocket Science
Diablo Montalban Experience - Takin' It To The Streets
(DM Diablo Brothers & Sisters Mix)