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Hypnotic Turtle Setlists

Hypnotic Turtle 3/28/19: Stomach Mumps

Hannah Morrison

SPECIAL GUESTS: The Vanilla Milkshakes &

Pat Macdonald


The English Beat - Ranking Full Stop (RIP Ranking Roger)

The English Beat - 

Whine And Grind (Stand Down Margaret)

Diablo Montalban - The Lord Is Coming With Fire (Redux)

The Vanilla Milkshakes - Deez Boots (Live In Studio)

The Vanilla Milkshakes - Kreep (Live In Studio)

The Vanilla Milkshakes - Chasing The Sun (Live In Studio)

The Vanilla Milkshakes - Hey Ya!

The Vanilla Milkshakes - Cookie Monster

The Vanilla Milkshakes - On+On+On

The Vanilla Milkshakes - Everybody Is Stupid

Selector Dub Narcotic - Bounce It Out

The Yeti Trio - Luncheon

Timbuk3 - My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Purgatory Hill - Invisible Pistols

pat mAcdonald - A Haunted Gutar

pat mAcdonald - Runnin' On Low

pat mAcdonald - Angel Of Mercy

Pat MAcdonald - If I Can't Love You Better

pat mAcdonald - Joy

pat mAcdonald - River Bottom

pat mAcdonald - Nothin' Soon Enough

pat mAcdonald - Dire Straits

pat mAcdonald - Just To Talk To You

Pat MAcdonald - Bird Song

pat mAcdonald - Where Was The Wall

Purgatory Hill - Space Kitty Blues

Tarl Knight / Michael Bleck / Nick Hoover -

We Love This town (Steel Bridge Radio)

Adam Mackintosh / Corey Carlson - 

What Can I Do To Change Your Mind (Steel Bridge Radio)

Timbuk3 - Hairstyles And Attitudes

Timbuk3 - Assholes On Parade

Timbuk3 - Life Is Hard

Timbuk3 - Big Shot In The Dark

Timbuk3 - Born To Be Wild

Andre Williams - Bacon Fat

Andre Williams - Hard Hustling

Andre Williams - Don't Hurt Your Knees (You Might Need Them To Pray)

Hypnotic Turtle 2/28/19: Florida Gets A Job

Hannah Morrison

Royal Trux - Year Of the Dog

Everything Is Terrible - Hi Kidz!

Talk Talk - ? (RIP Mark Hollis)

Y La Bamba - Cuatro Crazy

Munya - Hotel Delmano

The Cardigans - Iron Man

Diablo Montalban - Silly Satan

The Louvin Brothers - Satan Is Real

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Last Song About Satan

Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra -

Strongman (Performing Under The Big Top)

(DM Warped Noodle Mix)

Starbuck - Moonlight Feels Right

Buke + Gase - Temporary

Diablo Montalban - Outsmart The Coyotes

Violation - Balls Out

Night Beats - One Thing

Little Steven - Freedom

Robert Palmer - 

Sailing Shoes/Hey Julia/Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley

Diablo Montalban - Hidden Dangers

Tom Jones - If I Only Knew (DM Robots Rise Mix)

KMFDM - Megalomaniac (DM Love To Love Me Mix)

Diablo Montalban - Silly Satan (Reprise)

The Vapors - News At Ten

The Human League - 

Working As A Waitress In A Cocktail Bar

The Rugburns - Dick's Automotive

Hypnotic Turtle 1/31/19: That's Entertainment, Evans Style

Hannah Morrison

Yolanda Be Cool - Dance And Chant
Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa
Bonde do Role - Banana Woman
Dr. A.C. - Busy Lady (Radio Edit)
Diablo Montalban - Busy Banana
The Drood - Three For Falling
Claudzilla vs. Diablo Montalban - Sunday Tea Job
The Drood - Self-Imposed Perpetual Dissatisfaction
Claudzilla - Hard To be A Killer (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Creepy Boy (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Human Fly (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Weirdo Anthem (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Don't Twist My Knob (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Mental Hopscotch (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Mare Serentatus (Live In Studio)
Claudzilla - Der Kommisar (Live In Studio)
James Ingram - Yah Mo B There (DM Mo Mo Mix)(RIP)
DBUK - Deerslayer
Ditlev Buster - Experimental love
Claudzilla - Hard To Be A Killer
Ditlev Buster & Claudzilla - Alting Dufter Starkere I Regnejr
Diablo Montalban - Mr. Toxicity
Carol Hall - Carnival Man (DM Carny Con Carne Mix)
Acidbat - Lavender Lemonade
Gort vs. Goom - Exiled From The Others
Gort vs Goom - S.T.A.R.
The Far Stairs - Twelve Haunted Towns
The Far Stairs - Rocket Science
Diablo Montalban Experience - Takin' It To The Streets
(DM Diablo Brothers & Sisters Mix)

Hypnotic Turtle 1/24/19: Write On Thelma

Hannah Morrison

Parliament - Kool - Aid (DM Clean Bean Mix)
Material - Words Of Advice
The Egyptian Lover vs. Diablo Montalban - 
Hypnotic Turtle Radio
Bobby Bare - Drop Kick Me, Jesus
DBUK - Broncos Fight Song (Live In Studio)
DBUK - Jim Nabors From Bass To Mezzo Soprano 
(Live In Studio)
DBUK - Deerslayer (Live In Studio)
DBUK - The Columbia Girl (Live In Studio)
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Black Betty
Leadbelly - Black Betty
Tom Jones - Black Betty
Diablo Montalban - Bamba Lamb
The Melvins - Black Betty
Leadbelly - Black Betty (DM Pod Bay Doors Mix)
Hypnotic Radio Theatre - 
The Facts Of Life Ep. 10: Adoption
The Facts Of Life Theme - Jen Sygit/London Music Works
The Facts Of Life - Southern Creek Players
Diablo Montalban - The Facts Of Life (All About You Mix)
DBUK - From The Estate Of John Denver
Danielle Depicciotto and Alexander Hacke - 
Ballad of The Lonely Fish
Larry Norman - I Wish We'd All Been Ready
DBUK - And God Bless You
DBUK - Bonnie Clyde, 
The Big Bull Hen Of The Women's Prison
DBUK - Coca Colonialism
DBUK - The Misrepresentation Of The Thompson Gun
DBUK - It's Killing Me
DBUK - And God Bless You
DBUK - The Columbia Girl
DBUK - Uncle John's Boat
DBUK - Three Bloodhounds, Two Sheperds, 
One Fila Brasila
Roger Williams - Summer Samba (DM Oops Mix)
Diablo Montalban - The Facts (Reprise)
DBUK - Broncos Fight Song (DM Hard Fought Mix)

Hypnotic Turtle 1/17/19: Something Old, Something New

Hannah Morrison

SPECIAL GUESTS: hackedepicciotto  and  Kenzie Sitterud

Malibu Ken - “Corn Maze”
Ata Kak - “Yemmpa Aba”
Toro y Moi - “Freelance”
Diablo Montalban - “Punk Rock Prez?!”
King Khan - “America Goddamn”
Hotel Radio (Kenzie Sitterud) - “Cowboy”
Hotel Radio - “Plexiglass”
Hotel Radio - “On Holiday”
Danielle Depicciotto/Alexander Hacke - “The Circuit”
hackedepiciotto - “All Are Welcome”
hackedepiciotto - “Dreamcatcher”
hackedepiciotto - “Jericho”
hackedepiciotto - “Nosce Te Ipsum”
hackedepiciotto - “Pilgrim”
hackedepiciotto - “The Long Way Home”
hackedepiciotto - “Prophecy”
hackedepiciotto - “Crossroad”
Danielle De Picciotto - “Horchata”
Einstürzende Neubauten - “Feurio (Live 1990)”
Einsturzende Neubauten - “Perpetuum Mobile (Single)”
Einsturzende Neubauten - “NNNAAAMMM (DMMM MMMIX)”