26 Jun, 2013

Glastonbury 2013: Why You Should Be in England

The annual Glastonbury Music Festival kicks off on Friday with a very impressive lineup ranging from old favorites to the best new names in the independent music scene. But with all of this talent in one place, how does one choose who to see? Below is a list of who we would make a point of seeing if teleportation to England was humanly possible:


Arctic Monkeys [Friday]: with the announcement of their newest album AM, Arctic Monkeys are on a musical high now more than ever. This album is promising to have a more psych-rock feel–something that received mixed reviews in their 2009 release Hunbug. Regardless, Arctic Monkeys never fail to put on an impressive show, and it would be interesting to see them on their own turf.

Billy Bragg [Saturday]: Singer-songwriter Billy Bragg never fails to bring his activism and left-wing tendencies into his music and his live performances. It would be interesting to see what he has to say about the latest goings-on of the world.

Vampire Weekend [Sunday]: The music gods have been sweet to us this year with impressive releases from the big names in independent culture. Vampire Weekend is no exception. Modern Vampires of the City never fails to satisfy those summery music needs, and one can only imagine what this show will bring to its audience.


Portishead [Friday]: Nobody can resist Portishead’s signature experimental trip-hop. And with the promise of another release within out lifetime, one can only hope that they might debut a few new tracks.

Tame Impala [Friday]: Tame Impala is everything that is right with modern interpretations of 1960s music. Their fuzzy and psychedelic tunes will leave the audience bouncing. And luckily, Tame Impala has announced two dates in Colorado.

The Hives [Friday]: Everybody’s favorite Swedish garage rockers are back and promise to bring the audience the best show of their lives.

Public Image Limited [Sunday]: One of the most significant post-punk bands is making an appearance at this year’s festival after reuniting in 2009. Now we can see for ourselves if it really was a love song.


Dinosaur Jr. [Friday]: We owe a lot to Dinosaur Jr. for being one of the purveyors of the guitar-lead indie rock movement. They are never a band to miss (though they will be in Colorado with Phoenix in August so maybe we won’t have to).

Devendra Banhart [Saturday]: Devendra Banhart has always been quirky, but his latest release Mala, he brings his quirk into a cohesive and downright fun album. Seeing this natural showman in person would be unlike anything else–as he brings a unique brand of controlled chaos to the stage.


Savages [Saturday]: Everything about an all-female post-punk quartet sounds appealing and Savages, just off of their newest release Silence Yourself,  would be an unforgettable experience in person. Their passionately angry songs mixed with their Sleater-Kinney-esque guitars and vocals will leave the audience raging for more.

James Blake [Sunday]: James Blake’s voice never fails to strike a chord in the heartstrings of his audiences. His low, crooning vocals on top of low-fi synth make his music perfect for nighttime. And spoiler alert: his voice is just as beautiful in person. That is reason enough to go see his set.


Disclosure [Friday]: This British dance-duo is one of the biggest and newest names in the independent music sphere with their debut Settle. Their faced-paced beats and catchy songs will leave the audience dancing all night long. And, they are coming to Boulder in October.

Gold Panda [Friday]: Gold Panda’s textured synth and house beats are not something that is easily conveyed in text. But, his latest release represents a streamlined album unlike his previous releases, making his performance worth watching.

Mount Kimbie [Friday]: Mount Kimbie are often cited as the founders of the post-dubstep movement–layering free-form lyrics with familiar beats. Their latest release is something that would be interesting to see live.

Obviously, we can’t all go to the festival. However, we are lucky to live in a place that has such a rich international music scene. Many of the bands at this festival were either here earlier this year or have scheduled dates in the coming months. So really, we will be okay.

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