13 Aug, 2014

Gabby’s Music Video of the Week

Happy Wednesday everybody! We’re halfway done with the week and creeping closer to the end of summer, so here’s a song that’ll get you through the week but still remind you of everything we love; late nights, road trips, independent music, and the stupid shit you do with your friends. It’s “Minds Awake” by Rumspringa, a Los Angeles rock band with an easy-going, Americana sound that’ll have you searching Youtube for more. The video is a montage of Rumspringa’s travels from the snowy mountains to some smoky lounges in California, and it was directed by Shia Labeouf which is pretty cool too.

Rumspringa considers themselves their own version of the Amish right of passage, says frontman, vocalist, and guitarist Joey Stevens, “To step away from all the self-serving surface of the mainstream music culture, and to get back to the heart of discovering the soul of rock through the roots of its creation.”

Watch the video for “Minds Awake” below:

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  1. August 13, 2014

    Tried to get tix for CS&Nash. Never heard phone # for you.

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