30 Jul, 2014

Gabby’s Music Video of the Week

In honor of Allah-Las’ newest album “Worship the Sun”, dropping Sept. 16th, and the announcement of their U.S. and European tour dates, this week’s music video is their second single from the new album. No Werewolf  is a cover of a 1960 song by The Frantics, whose rock n’ roll vibes likely inspired the Allah-Las’ beachy, modern-day rock sound.

The video is shot in black and white, and begins with an overhead shot of a spinning pottery wheel. Then a hand appears and as the wheel spins, beautiful lines and patterns are created. It’s all the work of Russian sculptor Mikhail Sadovnikov, an artist who makes what he calls the “dance on the circle” with a potter’s wheel and clay. The simple yet mesmerizing video perfectly reflects the artistic and simplistic mentality of the California band. It’s everything you love about Allah-Las.


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