07 Jul, 2013

Five Fall Shows Worth Seeing

There are a lot of amazing shows coming to the Denver/Boulder area this fall. So many, that I find my wallet losing weight by the minute. As the Promotions Director over here at the station, it is safe to say that I know quite a bit about the music scene. Here is my list of five must-see shows this fall:

Tame Impala (October 26 at Fox Theatre, October 27 at Ogden Theatre): Tame Impala never cease to impress me with their unique brand of fuzzy 60’s psychedelia. This show is bound to be every fan’s dream, and I am interested to see what kind of show that they present.

Tycho (November 4 at Fox Theatre): Tycho’s dreamy brand of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) produces transcendental soundscapes that are unlike any other in the genre. I first heard his music last year, when a friend shared his two full-length albums with me (Past is Prologue from 2006 and Dive from 2011) and I immediately fell in love. I am thrilled that he has decided to come to Boulder again this year and I will not be missing it this time.

Youth Lagoon (September 4 at Fox Theatre): Youth Lagoon is the epitome of dreamy music. His first album was described to be as “the music that I wish was playing in the background during my childhood,” and I couldn’t agree more. I am interested to see how Trevor translates this into a live show.

Disclosure (October 22 at Boulder Theater): Disclosure has been taking over the electronic music scene by storm with their debut album “Settle.” Everyone at the station is really digging their sound and I for one have had their album on repeat. This show is going to so good (judging by clips from their recent performance at Glastonbury) and I am interested to see what sort of crowd it draws.

FIDLAR (September 26 at Larimer Lounge): Everyone who knows me knows that I have an immense soft spot for punk music, and FIDLAR (an acronym for F*ck it Dog, Life’s a Risk) is one of the bands on the scene of which I cannot get enough. I love their upbeat stoner-punk sounds that harness the same vibes as the 80’s LA punk scene. The chance to see this band in a venue as small as the Larimer Lounge is incredible.


By Alexis



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