01 Feb, 2012

February ’12 CD of the Month: Attack on Memory by Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory

The album titled Attack on Memory is the third LP from Cloud Nothings and on this album, we find a welcome departure from the music that put the band on the map. Released only last month, Cloud Nothings is already garnering critical acclaim from music critics and bloggers alike, as the once solo project of frontman Dylan Baldi morphs from the charismatic chillwave pop-punk sound of the past to give us a group effort and the collaborative sound only achieved through shared songwriting experiences.

The band’s familiary catchy riffs are constant and with that, Cloud Nothings puts forth new, weighty grunge that will surely catch your ear. The raw sound of this record was taken as a gamble by Baldi and with the spotlight now shining bright on the band, we see the new approach has paid off in spades.

Reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Wipers, Fugazi and Sebadoh, Attack on Memory looks back to the days of ’90s college rock, implementing the sound and genius of infamous producer and studio engineer Steve Albini, who has worked with Pixies and Nirvana. The result? An album that is representative of the group’s life sound that brings you so close you almost feel like you’re at one of their raucous live shows.

Cloud Nothings’ Attack on Memory is Radio 1190’s CD of the Month for February.  Radio 1190 would like to thank Twist and Shout for their continued support of the CD of the Month Club. If you would like to join Radio 1190′s CD of the Month Club, contact membership@radio1190.org.


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