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Featured Rotation

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November 5, 2013

By Sam Goldner

Halloween has come and gone yet again, meaning it’s only a few more merciful weeks until Thanksgiving, and then it’s practically Christmas! Look forward to some excellent holiday specials in the coming weeks, as well as some excellent additions to rotation this week.

Following her acclaimed debut Quarantine with another boundary-pushing electronic work, Laurel Halo proves once again that she is a voice to be reckoned with on Chance of Rain. Incorporating icy, minimal electronics with lush, expansive synthesizer sounds, Chance of Rain is a high caliber work of electronica that rewards more and more with each listen.

DJ Rashad’s new album Double Cup is a nonstop piece of footwork frenzy, and a superb album for those interested in delving deeper into Chicago’s beat scene. The perfect mix of old-school turntablism and breakbeat-level detail, Double Cup is an unstoppably upbeat record for those who respect the art of the disc jockey.

It’s been a fruitful year for pulling those on the fence about metal onto the dark side, and Russian Circles’s new album Memorial is yet another work that uses the template of metal to push off into new genre territory. Building epic, Floydian suites out of black metal tremolos and thundering drums, Memorial is another unclassifiable record from Chicago’s preeminent experimental metal act.


Other additions include:


The MeetsIt Happens Outside


Juana MolinaW E D 2 1


Sara Savery The Diver



Originally published at The Colorado Daily.





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