How can I hear Radio 1190?
Set your radio to 1190 AM. If you are having reception problems, try another radio. All AM receivers are not built the same and often your cheap looking bedside radio will get better reception than your stereo. We broadcast from Boulder, so you may experience poor reception in the shadow of buildings between you and Boulder.

How far does  your signal reach?
During the day when we broadcast at 6,800 watts, we reach all the way from Fort Collins to Castle Rock and beyond. During our night broadcast, when we run at 110 watts, it’s enough to reach over most of Denver. We’ve gotten reports of good reception all over the state from Walden to Colorado Springs to to Fort Morgan

What about going on the internet?
Radio 1190 is part of a $325,000 grant to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado that enables us to broadcast our signal over the net using Real Audio’s G2 server

Is there anything I can do to help?
Yes! Radio 1190 is a non-commercial radio station that depends on donations from listeners like you. Click HERE to find out about the many great ways you can make a difference.
We also need people to volunteer their time to make Radio 1190 the best station in Colorado. If you are interested in helping us then visit our Contact page.

What kinds of music do you play?
Many different kinds. We’ve got indie, punk, ska, goth, techno, hip-hop, heavy metal, acappella, rap, R&B, noise, trip-hop, house, noise and so much more.