06 Nov, 2013

Fall Concert Favorites

This fall has been jam-packed with artists coming through the Denver/Boulder venues. We asked our street team which shows were their favorites. Here is what they said:


Sam: Gold Panda was an awesome example of a DJ set where the DJ was clearly active in making the music, and Disclosure is probably the most I’ve danced since LCD.


Henry: Fuzz was an insane showcase of the musicianship of Ty Segall. Along with his equally talented bandmates, he ripped up the drums the same way he always has his guitar. I might like his band more than anything he’s done by himself before. Combined with the atmosphere and intimacy of the Hi Dive, it was my favorite show of the fall so far, right next to Tame Impala at the Boulder Theater.


Kate: Tame Impala at the Boulder Theater. The songs all flowed well together, and were accompanied by complimentary visuals that all are a great representation of what modern psych-rock can be.


James (and Emilia): Starfucker at the Gothic. It was an awesome mix of straightforward dance electronic music but had a good human quality with a full band and synthesizers. They also had a wonderful “psychedelic astronaut” angle to their light show and image which really showed when they brought out their shoegaze tinged Beatles-esque psychedelic rock in their jam sessions at the end of the show. We also stole a male blow-up doll from the show that’s now sitting in our apartment.


Michael: I only went to CMJ, and Stagg was definitely the standout.

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