11 Nov, 2013

DJ Feature: James from The Morning Show

Here at Radio 1190, we have so many talented DJ’s. James is one of our favorites and miraculously wakes up in time for his 7-10AM shift every morning. We sat down with James to talk about the station, music, his morning routine, and to get to know the man behind the beard. Here is what he had to say:


Q: How did you become involved in Radio 1190?

A: I actually emailed Gracie (an old volunteer coordinator) when I first got accepted to CU because I really wanted to do radio.


Q: What is your favorite part about hosting the morning show?

A: Playing country music and talking to listeners.


Q: What is your secret to getting up so early every day?

A: A full thermos of coffee and a thousand butterflies that pick me up by my beard and whisk me off to the station every morning.


Q: Favorite record of the moment?

A: I have been listening to a lot of Speedy Ortiz. They transcend traditional music-making and sound like Nirvana if Kurt Cobain was a girl and was cute.


Q:  Best show story?

A: We went to Starfucker and stole a blowup doll from the stage. He now resides in our living room.


Q: Who do you hope will release new music next year?

A: Fleet Foxes, just so that I can be part of their beardiness.


Catch James Monday through Friday from 7-10AM.

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