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Degrees of Lead Setlists

Degrees of Lead 3/15/19: Chelsea Wolfe

Hannah Morrison

Chelsea Wolfe - The Culling

King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe - Be Free

Myrkur & Chelsea Wolfe - Funeral

Sort Sol & Chelsea Wolfe - Life Took You For A Freq.

Alice Glass - Without Love (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)

Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion Flowers

Chelsea Wolfe - Flatlands

Mutoid Man - Bandages

Russian Circles feat. Chelsea Wolfe - Memorial

Deafheaven - Night People

Chelsea Wolfe - Moses

Degrees of Lead 3/8/19: Daughters

Hannah Morrison

Daughters - Satan in the Wait

Paul Barker & Alexis Marshall - I Stumble Through the Fever Dream

The Color of Violence - Rock Music

Fucking Invincible - Cross/Uncross

Idolands - Young Age

Daughters - Big Cheese

Daughters - Our Queens (One Is Many, Many Is One)

As The Sun Sets - Hay Is For Horses

As The Sun Sets - I Saw The Saturday Night Sky Over 195 Explode

Fang Island - Daisy

The Body - To Attempt Oneness

Daughters - Nurse, Would You Please Prep the Patient for Sexual Doctor

Daughters - Less Sex

Degrees of Lead 2/7/19: Death Grips

Hannah Morrison

Death Grips - The Fear

Hella - Republic of Rough and Ready

Marnie Stern - Prime

The I.L.Y’s - Articulate (I’m Going so Far into You)

Nervous Cop - Ill Pearls

Bygones - Not What It Is But What It’s Not

Tera Melos & Rob Crow - Lemon Grove

Death Grips - Billy Not Really

Zach Hill & Mick Barr - Lakes In Space

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation

The I.L.Y’s - Wash My Hands Shorty

Degrees of Lead 1/25/19: Ty Segall

Hannah Morrison

Ty Segall - “The Loner”

The C.I.A. - “Fear”

Tim Presley’s White Fence - “Neighborhood Light”

Ty Segall & White Fence - “Other Way”

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - “I Wear Black”

Gøggs - “Killing Time”

Epsilons - “The Train”

The Cairo Gang - “Let It Gain You”

Meatbodies - “Tremmors”

Ty Segall - “Sleeper”

The Peacers - “Heiress Chilton”

Lars Finberg - “Isle of Lucy”

Gøggs - “Smoke the Würm”

Fuzz - “What’s In My Head?”

Ty Segall - “Pretty Baby (You’re So Ugly)”

Ty Segall - “Every 1’s a Winner”

Degrees of Lead 1/18/19: Swans

Hannah Morrison

Swans - “A Little God In My Hands”

Angels of Light - “My True Body”

Neurosis & Jarboe - “Within”

Pigface - “Empathy”

Xiu Xiu - “Hay Choco Bananas”

Swans - “In the Eyes of Nature”

Cop Shoot Cop - “Room 429”

Swans - “I Crawled (Live at Heaven London 1984)”