09 Sep, 2013

Deerhunter – September 7, 2013

Whats truly left to say about this band other than ” Totally Unbelievable.”

The Bluebird Theater was taken over Saturday, September 7th by Atlanta Based Band “Deerhunter”  Known for their new and refreshing take on “Ambient Punk”. Deerhunter’s take on noise rock has, in the past, truly gained support from the underground scene and  reach the ears of mainstream music. Currently on tour supporting the release of their sixth album, “Monomania” , The Bluebird Theater was met to a sold out crowd for what was to be a night of Intense and ear-piercing ambient noise rock.


As the show began, fans thrusted their ways toward the stage, hoping to get as close to the band, and lead-singer Bradford Cox, who’s stage presence demanded the complete attention of his audience as he managed to place all off his raw emotion into his fans, while drawing them in with the song opener “Earthquake” , from their 2010 release, “Halcyon Digest” the song ran through echoed, distorted, vocals that ambiently hung over the clean soft electric melodies driven by lead guitarist, Lockett Pundt. 


They followed it up with the beat-driven “Neon Junkyard”, a simple, yet intricate tune that brought lead-singer Bradford Cox to an emotional meltdown of sorts on stage. This sort of stage presence truly brings visions of a young David Bowie to mind, as Cox truly shows his emotion through each single word he eloquently screamed through the distorted microphone.


“The Missing” brought along a solid wave of “head banging in unison” as each and every member of the audience was fully involved in this show at this point and it showed. the band has been able to harness the power of sucking the audience into it’s version of psychedelic noise rock.


The band took it back to one of their earlier songs, “Hazel Street” from the 2007 album “Cryptograms”, before jamming full on into monstrous long segues with songs that included “T.H.M” , “Sleepwalking”, “Back to the Middle”, and ending their set with the title track to their new album “Monomania”, a noise filtered detonation which exploded so loudly that it had many fans literally holding their ears.


There is a reason these guys specifically state in their contract that they will not obey local noise ordinances….

As the show ended to the loud and enthusiastic roar of the crowd, the band, in their obvious full and emotional state, slammed instruments, microphones and anything else possibly mic’ed up to create the loudest outbreak of noise I believe any of us there had heard in recent times. The band did not disappoint venturing forty-five minutes past their original end time, and leaving the fans with something to chew on for quite a while.

Check out More of “Deerhunter” as well as Bradford Cox in his new movie

“Dallas Buyers Club”,where he plays the role of Jared Leto’s lover, out now in theaters.

Review by Nes Lasen

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