14 Nov, 2013

Dear Indie Universe: Arcade Fire

Dear Indie Universe,

I can’t stop listening to Arcade Fire. Literally have been playing this album on repeat for three weeks. Have not listened to anything else. I know everyone is hating on their Grammy win and their crazy marketing campaign, but you know what? I don’t need your hate indie anti-mainstream. Their Rekflektor campaign was insane, an indie conspiracy theory. I got me stoked for this album in August. C’mon guys. It’s so good! Do you want to dance and sing along with ooooos for 75 minutes? Because all I’ve been doing is listening to Arcade Fire’s grand opus. Is it just a reflection, of a reflection, of a reflection, of a reflection, of a reflection? Probably. Because it’s just a Reflektor. Do you want to hear a five second snippet of David Bowie introducing Arcade Fire at a fake indie garage show?  You Already Know is the track for you. My fav is probably Afterlife, which is soooo freaking disco. Can’t stop won’t stop. So get on the post-Grammy win, James Murphy produced, Reflektor, Arcade Fire train and play this nonstop on repeat!


Arcade Fire Die-Hard Fan

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