11 Sep, 2013

Day of Giveaways

Due to our general lack of broadcasting capabilities, we have a lot of extra tickets to be given away to a few lucky listeners. So, we are going to be hosting a day of giveaways tomorrow! Check our Facebook page all day for your chance to win tickets to:

10 AM: The Octopus Project at the Larimer Lounge on September 13.

11 AM: Typhoon at the Hi-Dive (21+) on September 14.

12 PM: Ott. at the Fox Theatre on September 14.

1 PM: The Sickly Ferguson at The Walnut Room (21+) on September 14.

All you have to do is comment on the post and you and your guest will be on the list to see the show of your choice. We might even throw in a few big names in the mix, so keep your eyes peeled for posts!


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  1. rob
    September 12, 2013

    where did blues til dawn go for the last couple a weeks..it sounds as tho stations close on the dial have boosted their signal and made it impossible to get the blues show

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