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Dave's Soundwave Setlists

Dave's Soundwave 1/24/19

Hannah Morrison

Underdog - Sly & the Family Stone

Soon (Andrew Weatherall mix) - My Bloody Valentine

Whole Lotta Love - the Wonder Band

Trading Love - Florence

Borriquito - Charo, Salsoul Orchestra

For Spacious Lies - Beats International

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Linda Clifford

Young Guns (Go For It!) - Wham!

If That’s What It Takes - Michael McDonald

Make You Sweat - Keith Sweat

Jolene - Strawberry Switchblade

The Height of the Fighting - Heaven 17

Spirit of ‘76 - the Alarm

Donna the Prima Donna - Dion

Free Ride - Dan Hartman

Stairway to Heaven Suite - the Wonder Band