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Climbtalk Info

Climbtalk 3/29/19

Hannah Morrison

World class climbing coach, internationally best selling author, researcher, and consultant Eric Horst talked about his influence on training for climbing through his hundreds of articles and other media. Eric also talked about his research-based supplement for climbers which he founded in Jan. 2019.  

Pete JK , an avid outdoorsman and author talked about his book, Base Camp Denver: 101 Hikes in Colorado’s Front Range and about the best day hike with Denver as your base camp.

Michael J. Behe, a professor of Biological Science at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and author of the new book Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution talked about what Darwin knew about biology at the time and how current technology seems to answer the never ending argument on whether we should believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution or Intelligent Design.

Darrick Miller, an up and coming African American author from the streets of Baltimore, MD, talked about his two books The Little Black Book: The Miscommunications of The Millennial Back Male and The Little Black Book 2: The Miscommunications of The Millennial Back Female.  Darrick went on to talk about working hard for goals and how family and mentors have guided his life.