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Climbtalk Info

Climbtalk 4/26/19

Hannah Morrison


Author, adventurer Gary Sinclair talks about how his climbing, hiking and trekking lessons he learned in Yosemite, The Alps, The Himies, The Rockies, Alaska  applied to dealing with the hard times and challenges his wife’s stage 3 cancer brought about. In his book, Never Quit Climbing: Overcoming Life’s Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains, Sinclair delineates the lessons learned above timberline. CB & Dan Hoffmann, humorous mother/son self-publishers addressed how to turn dreams into reality on climbing websites or blogs or youtube channels via optimal video/audio editing techniques and they also talked about marketing and promotion of your climbing social media.

Climbtalk 3/29/19

Hannah Morrison

World class climbing coach, internationally best selling author, researcher, and consultant Eric Horst talked about his influence on training for climbing through his hundreds of articles and other media. Eric also talked about his research-based supplement for climbers which he founded in Jan. 2019.  

Pete JK , an avid outdoorsman and author talked about his book, Base Camp Denver: 101 Hikes in Colorado’s Front Range and about the best day hike with Denver as your base camp.

Michael J. Behe, a professor of Biological Science at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and author of the new book Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution talked about what Darwin knew about biology at the time and how current technology seems to answer the never ending argument on whether we should believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution or Intelligent Design.

Darrick Miller, an up and coming African American author from the streets of Baltimore, MD, talked about his two books The Little Black Book: The Miscommunications of The Millennial Back Male and The Little Black Book 2: The Miscommunications of The Millennial Back Female.  Darrick went on to talk about working hard for goals and how family and mentors have guided his life.

Climbtalk 3/15/19

Hannah Morrison

Mike Donaldson, Patrick Aschwanden, Fritz Sperry, Taylor Reed, Shane Leva & Tenny Ostrem.

Accomplished Big Waller, former YOSAR member, certified rock climbing guide, & Denver native Mike Donaldson talked about rescuing Hans Florine off The Big Stone, climbing in California, and guiding in Boulder.  Accomplished boulderer Patrick Aschwanden talked about adventuring in the desert and climbing in Eldorado Springs, west of Boulder.  Fitz Sperry, author and avalanche expert shed some light on our current high avalanche danger in the High Country and the necessary 4 elements.  Taylor Reed from the Beta Angels talked about putting more 'science in climbing'. His Beta Angel Research Inventory is a great source for climbers. Shane Leva, avalanche expert and AMGA guide from Mountain Chalet in Colorado Springs talked about the avalanche danger in the Pikes Peak region. He also discussed how during their 50 years in the outdoor industry, Mountain Chalet has been actively involved in community building. He talked about the via ferratas in Colorado Springs, Ouray, Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, and the closure of Ute Pass bouldering as well. Tenny Ostrem along with her thru hiking pal, Claire walked the U.S. Mexico border 1900 miles from San Diego to Brownsville Texas alone. Their 1900 mile adventure on foot in 175 days is a cool testament to following one’s passion and sense of what’s possible.

Climbtalk 3/8/19

Hannah Morrison

Sophia Danenberg & Christopher Felton.

Business woman, Harvard graduate and the first African American to summit Mount Everest  Sophia Danenberg. Former Maryland state trooper,public speaker, author Christopher Felton talks about self care, being a public servant and his latest book: Re-Member Yourself: A Healing Journey Through Your Innerverse.

Climbtalk 3/1/19

Hannah Morrison

Alex Honnold, Dave McAllister, Chris Weidner & Dr. Susan Nicholas

Legendary free soloist Alex Honnold talks about soloing, The Honnold Foundation and living in Yosemite valley. Authors Dave McAllister and Chris Weidner ask Alex Honnold questions about his climbing and lifestyle. Dr Susan Nicholas talks about limiting beliefs and her new book: The Duality of Being.

Climbtalk 2/8/19

Hannah Morrison

Colorado climbing legend Layton Kor and psychiatrist Gene Richard Moss. Layton talks about first ascenting in Eldorado Springs and the Black Canyon of The Gunnison. He talks about working in Guam, where he met his wife in 1960. Layton detailes an ascent he did in the Black Canyon.

Dr. Gene Richard Moss is a Board-certified psychiatrist, has served as a consultant to the government of Sweden and is a recognized expert in the science of human behavior. Dr Moss talked about his latest book, Retribution Fever, a work in which politics and science intersect. Dr Moss talked about the Chinese and their use of Operant Conditioning.

Climbtalk 2/1/19

Hannah Morrison

This episode featured the 65th American to complete the Seven Summits, author David J. Mauro. Also featured were the adventure runners and thru-hikers, Ras & Kathy Vaughan, who were the 1st to complete the Up North Loop, a 2600 mile thru-hike that links together parts of the Idaho Centennial Trail, Oregon Desert Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Pacific Northwest Trail.