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Chef's Special Setlists

Chef's Special 2/5/19: rhythms

Hannah Morrison

Weird Circles by Tera Melos

Betty Dreams of Green Men by Guerilla Toss

A Mix of Sun and Cloud by The Most Serene Republic

12 by Three Trapped Tigers

I Wanna Give You a Baby by Pulgas

Wire by Omni

Walkie Talkie by Palm

Chevalier Bulltoe by Totorro

When the Catholic Girls Go Camping the Nicotine Vampires Rule by Giraffes Giraffes

Sleepy Tea by Chon

Markie Barking at Fish by Legs on Earth

Slipped Disc by Lizzy Mercier Descloux

The Primitives Talk by Zach Hill

1-800-GHOST-DANCE by Hella

Jumprope by Red Sea