30 Nov, 2013

CD of the Month: Light In The Attic Records- “I Am The Center”

NewAge_Slipcase_thumb_325As far as genres go, there are few that get relegated to punchline status quite as often as New Age does, and usually for good reason. But Light In The Attic’s new compilation, “I Am The Center,” is an eye-opening journey into the innocent roots of the oft-parodied genre, consisting entirely of privately issued New Age releases dating as far back as 1950.


The music on “I Am The Center” is a diverse potpourri of sonic experiments, including gorgeous harp compositions, outdoor gong recordings, and plenty of synthesizer workouts. Many of the tracks feel as if they come from the same universe as one of Bob Ross’ landscape paintings. Though there is certainly an element of silliness, the music is still full of creativity, and bursting with texture and tranquility. By showcasing the experimental, non-commercial side of New Age’s beginnings, “I Am The Center” asserts New Age as the primary forefather of modern ambient music, and in doing so, finds something valuable in a genre many would simply brush off.


Out on Light In The Attic Records, “I Am The Center” is Radio 1190’s CDOTM for December.  Radio 1190 would like to thank Bart’s Music Shack for their continued support of the CD of the Month Club. If you would like to join Radio 1190’s CD of the Month Club, visit radio1190.org for all the details.



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