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The Year in Review: Editor’s Favorites, Autumn 2014


          Autumn was by far the most bountiful season in terms of both quality and quantity. Perfume Genius released Too Bright, a personal, defiant album and a delightful departure from his traditional stripped back piano pieces into uncharted electronic synth world. Flying Lotus also took a leap forward with You’re Dead!, […]


The Year in Review: Editor’s Favorites, Summer 2014


      Summer was a bit slow compared to spring, but the few albums that I did care for for were all of really high quality and especially fitting for the season. A Sunny Day In Glasgow put out Sea When Absent, a pretty dreampop shoegaze album with echoes of psychedelia and an album built for afternoon […]


The Year in Review: Editor’s Favorites, Spring 2014


            An incredibly bountiful spring made up for the lackluster winter to the point of being almost too generous. Three of my absolute favorite albums of the year were released: The Amazing Snakeheads’ Amphetamine Ballads – a raw, driving-through-the-desert-at-sundown-in-a-muscle-car-esque British rock record that’ll put hair on your chest; Recent McGill […]


The Year in Review: Editor’s Favorites, Winter 2014


                 Winter produced many of the popular picks for album of the year, including Sun Kil Moon’s Benji, St. Vincent’s self titled, and The War On Drug’s Lost in the Dream, but it was a disappointingly slow start for me. Despite topping many critics’ charts, I felt all […]


Album Review: Foxygen – …And Star Power


Los Angeles based experimental-pop group, Foxygen, has a reputation for being odd, and now they’re back more glittery and prolific as ever. What began as the project of middle school friends Jonathan Rado and Sam France, mercurially evolved into an avant garde retro pop duo. After the success of their second full-length LP, We Are the […]