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CD of the Month: March


American Culture – Pure American Gum by James Calvet Radio 1190 KVCU In a musical landscape that thrives on genre revivalism, it’s hard for bands to sound unique while also letting their influences shine through. But for American Culture’s newest record, Pure American Gum, the group is able to be nostalgic without sounding dated. Comprised […]


On Air Next 2.26


On Air Next 2.26 by James Calvet Radio 1190 KVCU This week it seems as if every great band is announcing new albums! How exciting! Just recently indie-rock legends Built to Spill announced their new album with a blistering new single to hold us over. But the biggest one thus far is the announcement of […]


An Interview With Rose Quartz

rose quartz

by James Calvet Radio 1190 KVCU Formerly of FLASHLIGHTS, Ethan who now plays in Rose Quartz is continuously progressing as a musician. Even though he graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in finance, he has been making music in an electronic capacity for a few years as FLASHLIGHTS, but now he is pursuing his […]


On Air Next: 2-18-2015


On-Air Next by James Calvet 2.18.2015 Radio 1190 KVCU Almost 6 years since the last installment, Mystic Bummer, a fantastic DIY electronic artist out of Denver, gathered up 32 of Denver’s greatest experimental artists as released the most massive local compilation in recent history: Wet Pizza V (Wet It Be). Across the 32 tracks on […]


Mark Kozolek Interviewed


Uncut Magazine caught up with Mark Kozolek and did a pretty solid interview with him, which they posted on their website today. I’m not sure I’m totally convinced that he’s not a jerk – he actually addresses his public persona as an “asshole” in the interview, and has some interesting things to say about it […]