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Album Review: Interpol – El Pintor


When Daniel Kessler and Carlos Dengler first met in a philosophy class at NYU and proceeded to form Interpol, nothing could have prepared them for the onslaught of critical acclaim their excellent 2002 debut album Turn on the Bright Lights received. The band has spent the past decade tweaking their sound, switching labels, and altering […]


Album Review: Zammuto – Anchor


The Shape of Things to Come, the ambitiously titled short documentary on Nick Zammuto and his band provides an intimate look at both his creative process as an artist and his intimate home life away from music. In one scene we see Nick carefully measure and then cut divots into the center of an old […]


Tennis – Ritual in Repeat & Twist and Shout Performance


“This song is about the last time I read a review of anything we’ve done,” said Alaina Moore, vocalist and keys player for Denver based band Tennis, before playing the sixth track Timothy from their new album Ritual in Repeat at Twist and Shout in Denver on Monday. “Jot some things down on a list/Under […]


Album Review: TOPS – Picture You Staring


The best part about music is that it leads you to more music.  The great part about musicians is that they lead you to other musicians. Whether it is you who finds the music or the music finds you–does it really matter? Enter Mac DeMarco, whose infectious album from earlier this year, Salad Days, became […]


Radio 1190 @ Westword Dish


  Kevin and Colton representing Radio 1190 at the Westword Dish event over the weekend.