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Album Review: TOPS – Picture You Staring


The best part about music is that it leads you to more music.  The great part about musicians is that they lead you to other musicians. Whether it is you who finds the music or the music finds you–does it really matter? Enter Mac DeMarco, whose infectious album from earlier this year, Salad Days, became […]


Radio 1190 @ Westword Dish


  Kevin and Colton representing Radio 1190 at the Westword Dish event over the weekend.


Jack White Performs in a French Chapel for La Blogothèque’s “Take Away Show”


Jack White has filmed a “Take Away Show” for the French website La Blogothèque. The series captures performances in unusual spaces, and accordingly, this one was filmed  outside Paris at the Château de Fontainebleau’s Saint-Saturnin Chapel. It was directed by Colin Solal Cardo. White performs “Entitlement” from the recently released Lazaretto and the White Stripes‘ “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known”. Check it out below. Read Joel […]


Album Review: They Want My Soul


     The new Spoon album sounds like old Spoon, which, depending on the person, is a good thing or a bad thing. They Want My Soul starts off with catchy guitar riffs that make you nod your head and dance, like old Spoon, but doesn’t go much further from there. The first song Rent I Pay, also the first single released […]


On-air next with CU-Boulder’s Radio 1190


On-air next with CU-Boulder’s Radio 1190: Allah-Las, The Abigails and Pallbearer It’s the most wonderful time of the year. New students are moving into dorms, creating hellish traffic in Boulder, pro cyclists are closing all roads in the Front Range and not to mention that everyone and their mother are dumping perfectly good ice water […]