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Gabby’s Music Video of the Week

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.52.07 PM

What’s up everybody! This week we’re getting weird with a throwback: Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom”. It’s the definition of weird, and freaky, and oddly catchy all at once; what else would you expect from the South African duo? The video begins with a Lady Gaga taking a bus tour around Africa, when she stumbles upon […]


On-Air Next 07.22.14


The following was originally published in the Colorado Daily. “On-Air Next @ Radio 1190” July 22, 2014 By Sam Goldner             Getting down to the end of the line here guys! Only 2 more precious weeks for me as music director before the next hot shot takes the reins, and we’ve got a slew of […]


Pitchfork Fest’s 10 Best Performances [via Billboard]


The following was originally posted at Celebrating its 9th year in Chicago’s Union Park, the Pitchfork Music Festival once again proved to be a charming alternative to the bloated, behemoth events that litter the summer calendar. Featuring as assortment of 43 left-of-center acts across its three stages, Pitchfork offered a diverse array of sounds […]


Denver Band ‘South of France’ Talks Business [via Colorado Daily]


The following was originally posted in the Colorado Daily. There is a delicate balance between the fun and the serious with South of France. On one side Jeff Cormack and Kelly Lueke are carefree and easygoing. They engage in frivolous banter and both flash genuine smiles when they toss around silly jokes. When discussing what […]


American Homebrewers Association Rally 7/20


American Homebrewers Association Hosts Rally at Epic Brewing Co. in Denver on July 20 WHAT:           The American Homebrewers Association (AHA)—based in Boulder—hosts a series of AHA Rallies across the country to give homebrewers the chance to check out some of their local breweries and connect with other beer enthusiasts and homebrewers in their area. This upcoming Rally will be held in nearby Denver […]