03 Apr, 2013

Bill Baird – “Spring Break of the Soul”

Bill Baird - Spring Break of the SoulWith school coming to a close and summer break right around the corner, Bill Baird’s Spring Break of the Soul is a record to bring in the bucolic joy of springtime with a twisted attitude. Known for his work with the bands Sunset as well as Sound Team, Baird’s new release is the product of two full years in the studio, culminating in this epic, warped, but delightful dose of summertime splendor.

Stretched across 17 tracks, Spring Break of the Soul ranges from immersive, almost lysergic passages such as the titular 8-minute opener, to more concise, bouncy singles littered throughout, and even features mini-suites of thematically connected material. Though wide in scope, Spring Break of the Soul never cries over-indulgence, with plenty of impossibly catchy hooks and beats to lure the listener into Baird’s psychotic state of mind. Baird’s Syd Barrett-esqe mentality only gives the album an edge of perspective that makes the more dancey tunes all the more relistenable.

Out on Pau Wau Records, Bill Baird’s Spring Break of the Soul is Radio 1190’s CD of the Month for April. Radio 1190 would like to thank Twist and Shout for their continued support of the CD of the Month Club. If you would like to join Radio 1190′s CD of the Month Club, contact membership@radio1190.org.

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