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Album Reviews

The Thermals - We Disappear

Adam Sputh

  Portland-based indie-rock band The Thermals gives us another dose of fuzzy-sounding joy with their newest album, We Disappear. Following up on Desperate Ground, The Thermals don't disappoint; this album is just as fun as ever, with great vocals, solid instrumentation, and a kicking drum line to keep you moving. 

  The album starts off fast, and immediately kicks you into the mosh-pit of noise that is The Thermals.  With a screeching guitar being the first thing you hear, you immediately know what you are getting into.  The trend continues through most of the album, with each song having a different feel, while still maintaining the fuzzyness we all love and adore.  Some, like Hey You, bring the angry, lo-fi sound we have come to expect from other albums such as More Part's per Million.  Other, such as the The Great Dying, bring an almost ballad-like slowness to them, really juxtaposing the faster songs on the album. (Note: The Great Dying features the title-drop, if you're into that sort of thing)  The closing song, Year in a Day, may have been the biggest surprise for me.  To my (tired at the time) ears, it almost sounded if someone put lyrics over a Godspeed You! Black Emperor song.  While this one seemed the most out of character for The Thermals, it doesn't disappoint, with a slow, ever-present melody that slowly fades out, leaving you realizing 20 minutes later that the album ended a while back. 

  All in all, this album is a definite 9 distorted guitars out of 10; The album was great fun to listen to, and I would do nothing but recommend it.

By Blake Gambel