12 Mar, 2013

Afternoon Delight at Radio 1190

During the week of our pledge drive, we’re celebrating local music with a little help from our friends–musicians!

Afternoon Delight will highlight some of the artists we love in Colorado, bringing them in to a specially concocted Pledge Drive Studio to play live music for you all! That connection with the local music scene is a huge part of what we do here at Radio 1190. We’re always looking to support local musicians and are often the first to give them the air play they deserve, because Colorado certainly has something great going on in its music scene!

If YOU support what Radio 1190 does to, in turn, support the local music community, donate to our spring pledge drive HERE.

Here’s what our schedule looks like:

Friday, March 15: Otem Relik at 5PM

Saturday, March 16: Anya Skidan at 3PM


Monday, March 18: Fingers of the Sun at 4PM

Tuesday, March 19: Ned Garthe at 3PM

Wednesday: March 20: The Outfit at 3PM


Thursday, March 21: Black Amex at 3PM


Friday, March 22: Shady Elders at 5PM

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