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8 Bit Split Setlists

8 Bit Split 2/5/19

Hannah Morrison

Bubblegum K.K. (Remix) – Super Smash Bros Ultimate OST – Arranged by: Atsuko Asahi, Original by : Kazumi Totaka

Yoshi’s Story Theme – Yoshi’s Story OST – Kazumi Totaka

5pm theme – Animal Crossing OST – Kazumi Totaka 

Scheme Supreme – Spiritual Vibes LP – Spiritual Vibes

One Blue Moment – Spirtual Vibes LP- Spiritual Vibes

No Expectations (cover) – Red Dead Redemption 2 OST – Arranged by: Woody Jackson, Original by: The Rolling Stones

Bank Robbery Theme – Red Dead Redemption 2 OST – Woody Jackson

May I? Stand Unshaken – Red Dead Redemption 2 OST – Woody Jackson ft. D’Angelo

Moog City – Minecraft Volume Alpha – C418

Minecraft – Minecraft Volume Alpha – C418

The Legend – Deltarune Chapter 1 OST – Toby Fox

Hopes and Dreams – Undertale OST – Toby Fox