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Concert Review - Angel Olsen


Concert Review - Angel Olsen

Caden Marchese

By Hannah Morrison

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Angel Olsen perform at the Gothic Theatre in Denver. The evening kicked off with a performance by Chris Cohen, a Californian artist and former member of Deerhoof. Cohen’s band performed with self-assurance, delivering a set of beautifully expansive psychedelic songs that provided an enjoyable introduction to the show and established the laid-back vibe that carried throughout the night.

From the moment she stepped onstage, Olsen maintained an effortlessly commanding presence. Opening with the track “Never Be Mine” off of 2016’s MY WOMAN, she kept the audience mesmerized throughout her entire performance. The majority of her set was fairly laid back as Olsen sang some of her quieter songs, yet she proved her incredible vocal ability again and again as she launched into her more energetic tracks like “Shut Up Kiss Me,” “Forgiven/Forgotten,” and “High & Wild.”

Angel Olsen was simply a joy to watch. There was undeniable chemistry between her and her five bandmates, and they all looked completely at ease on stage, happy to soak in every moment. Olsen even took a break to express her love for the people surrounding her and got the audience singing their birthday wishes to her guitarist.

After playing her initial set, Olsen left the stage to adoring applause, only to return for a long encore starting with “Intern” and closing out with a cover of “Total Control” by The Motels.

Leaving the venue, I felt numb from the sheer range and quality of Angel Olsen’s performance. The immense power of her voice carried the audience through the show and she truly appeared to be in her element the entire time. She’s undeniably an artist who knows how to harness her raw natural talent. Seeing Angel Olsen perform live, especially at a smaller venue, felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Olsen is going places, and is not to be missed.