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Concert Review - Twiddle / Aqueous


Concert Review - Twiddle / Aqueous

Caden Marchese

When I got to the Boulder Theater, I was fifty minutes late and expecting a nice one hour concert. Boy was I wrong.

Aqueous was the opener for Twiddle, and they embraced every sound one could think of. The band would be jamming in a bluesy form within the next second they would change to a hardcore rock sound. With such a distinct change in sound, the genres should have clashed together to make an indecipherable and wretched piece of shit someone calls music. However, it turned out to be the complete. Somehow Aqueous found their one sound in mashing and switching up all these completely different types of styles. Their funky attitude set up a perfect atmosphere for Twiddle to perform.

Twiddle appeared next on stage at around 10:30, resembling a Deadhead, wearing tie dye and working the long flow. I have listened to them before, so I expected the ten minute long song/jam sesh. However, I didn't expect this intensified improvisation. Twiddle takes us on a journey of their skills as musicians, opening up with a 20 minute improvisation to groove out and do their thing. Although the concert seemed to take hours, the crowd loved every second of it, vibing with their change of beat and instrumental insanity. They did play a few songs off their album, but their improvisation was the main Twiddle move. Twiddle was an enjoyment to see because they played for themselves and the music, not for the people that came to see them(although who doesn't appreciate their fans and well, the money involved with it). Not only do they have a folksiness twang to their sound, but they have an authentic musician vibe that embodies the underground music attitude: play for yourself and your true fans, not for anyone or anything else.