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Shadowtrash Astral Sleepover Party

Adam Sputh

  We're STOKED to bring you some very special programming while spring break is underway here at the station! Shadowtrash tape group, an audio-art cassette label formed by Nick Hranilovich & Ryan Wade Ruehlen in Boulder Colorado, will be temporarily taking over the airwaves on Radio 1190AM for a 48-hour, continuous broadcast, from March 22—24.

  Shadowtrash, which currently hosts a weekly show on 1190 featuring full length compositions from the label, will utilize 1190’s studio as a temporary location for broadcasting unconventional sonic expression, turning the radio station into an instrument and an event simultaneously. The group will completely inhabit the studio without leaving for the entire 48 hour block! Alongside functioning as an endurance in long-form composition and experimentation, the event will host a variety of music between collage, hip hop, noise, ambient, language works, radio plays, and vanguard electronic music.

  Join us for the Shadowtrash Astral Sleepover Party, starting this Tuesday at 7AM, here on Radio 1190!