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Dan Burney

On Air Next 9.17
James Calvet
Radio 1190 KVCU

Radio 1190 and Buchanans Coffee Pub have recently teamed up and have a very special treat for you! Every other Friday at 7pm will feature a Live Local Musician at Buchanans Coffee Pub on the Hill. This week we have Boulder-based singer-songwriter Trevor Fett! Stop by at 7pm, grab some coffee and listen to some local music! Also Radio 1190 is holding a contest so that one lucky winner can design the next 1190 t-shirt for our Fall Pledge Drive. Send in your artwork to by Sept. 25th. If your design is chosen, you will win a prize of $100! And as you're preparing for all that, tune into Radio 1190 to hear these
awesome albums spinning in rotation:

Over their extensive tours with each other's bands, Tim Presely of White Fence and singer-songwriter Cate La Bon have finally teamed up in the studio to release their debut album Hermits On Holiday under the name DRINKS. Much like a combination of their two styles, the duo creates a stark, minimalist punk sound that has the swagger and psych qualities of 1960's Velvet Underground. Tim Presely brings an street-smart yet rocking demeanor to each song, while Cate La Bon provides more direction and structure to the mix. The two six-minute jams in the middle of the record sound almost recorded live in the way that they sound so organic and improvisational. Though most of the tracks meander and don't have much direction at first, the musicians eventually find their way to pull a catchy rock song out of the chaos. Each track usually focuses on a short, sharp guitar or synthesizer riff with driving, minimalist drums underneath. Both Cate La Bon and Tim Presley trade off vocal duties that teeter-totter between garage rock snarls and apathetic spoken word ramblings. Overall, the album is sloppy, messy and freewheeling, but contains enough captivating musicianship and personality to make this highly enjoyable. 

What Hermits On Holiday is at it's core, is just two very talented musicians creating strange, minimalist rock music with fantastic results. Richard D. James, also known as AFX or Aphex Twin, returned to releasing music in 2014 with his triumphant comeback album Syro. Since then, James has not released any new tracks, but has decided to release a bunch of b-sides and rarities in a new EP called Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008. In true Aphex Twin fashion, James creates a cold yet groovy atmosphere. Though this collection of tracks has it's moments of brilliance, the underproductions of these tracks ultimately makes them unmemorable. If these demos or sketches were made with a little more depth or thought, these songs would have the potential to be hits. But in reality, this is truly a collection of B-sides and nothing more, which makes these tracks quite impressive with that being said. All in all Orphaned Deejay Selek is a solid release from the massive B-side catalogue that is great to hold over fans until the new official Aphex Twin release, whenever that may be. 

Formerly known as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, singer songwriter Owen Ashworth has released a new album under his other moniker Advance Base. In his true style, his new album Nephew in the Wild is an incredibly comfy and self-deprecating lo-fi folk record. Not only does the record contain acoustic guitar, bass and drums, the Casio keyboards and extraneous child-like instruments make this collection of songs sound simultaneously nostalgic and surreal. Ashworth's voice is an endearing squawk that sounds somewhere between the voices of the Eels and Sparklehorse. In that same vein, Ashworth's wordplay conjures images of wintertime in a small town that would love and hate at the same time. More specifically, Nephew in the Wild sounds like spending Christmas at your parent's house after a bad break up and you play your childhood musical instruments after having too much peppermint schnapps. Overall, Advance Base has achieved his goal of making lo-fi folk tunes that are not only devastating, but also humorous and catchy as all hell. Without a doubt, Nephew in the Wild is a homey album but doesn't disappoint in terms of musicianship or personality.