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Concert Review: Graveyard @ Summit Music Hall, 12/8/15

Dan Burney

Grave Yard and Earthless
Summit Music Hall
by: Lane Speas 

Graveyard is a hard rock/ blues rock four piece from Gothenburg, Sweden. Since the groups inception in 2006 they have been making quality rock in the same vain as groups such as Witchcraft and Kadavar. Graveyard was touring the album Innocence and Decadence which came out on September 25th, 2015 on Nuclear Blast records. Innocence and Decadence follows the groups previous sound but strays slightly for an over all moodier record when compared to their earlier work. The opening act Earthless is an American Psychedelic three piece out of San Diego, California. The groups most recent release being From The Ages which was released in 2013 on Tee Pee records.

After arriving at Summit Music hall and getting some food, Earthless took the stage right at 9:00. The groups sound consists of traditional hard rock and metal but with an extremely psychedelic vibe. Songs created large soundscapes that gave Isaiah Mitchell on lead guitar plenty of room to showcase massive sounding solos. As the groups set began to push on and on the psychedelic sound of the group became clearer. This was heard with long songs that incorporated (aside from constant guitar work) dynamics that had long build ups to climaxes that sent the entire audience head banging. The groups set is pictured below with Isaiah Mitchell on guitar, Mike Eginton on Bass, and Mario Rubalcaba on kit. 

Graveyard took the stage and immediately began into their set with Magnetic Shunk off of Innocence and Decadence creating a high energy vibe that would last through the majority of the show. The set overall was a good spread of the groups older and newer material. Including many hits from their previous three records. Among the groups up beat hard rock sound is the underlying themes of sadness. Pictured clearly in Innocence and Decadence with songs that touch on topics hard rock and metal bands rarely go with. The music video of the track Too Much is Not Enough which features a man going through a divorce is a clear example of these lyrical themes. 

The band finished their set and left stage with vocalist and rhythm guitar Joakim Nilsson saying a few words. After a few minutes Joakim returned to the stage to sing the last song on the new record titled Stay For a Song. The performance was touching and personal. it reminded me how amazing what nothing but vocals and guitar can accomplish when creating a mood for an audience. Afterword the rest of the band took the stage one more time for the encore which picked the audience up from the emotional depths of the previous song and into a proper finish for the show. The group left the stage with drummer Axel Sjöberg saying a few words of how none of this would be possible with out the fans. In addition, he made an inquiry about local
band Speedwolfs return. The group is pictured below with Joakim Nilsson on rhythm guitar and vocal, Jonatan Larocca-Ramm on lead guitar and vocals, Axel Sjöberg on drums, and Truls Mörck on bass. 

Overall the Graveyard show at Summit music hall on December 8th, 2015 was a fantastic night filled with old school hard rock and blues. Earthless shredded their entire set bringing to the table psych rock/metal that showed the bands prestige. Graveyard showcased its new material, and the bands entire discography was demonstrated in a great compilation of the groups work. But the final performance of Stay for a Song was by far the most heartfelt tune I have witnessed in recent memory. Graveyard will continue their United States tour up until December 19th, 2015 finishing in Austin, Texas.