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Girlpool - Concert Review

Dan Burney

by Damien Borovsky

Girlpool are talented. Consisting of Cleo Tucker on guitar and Harmony 

Trividad on bass (both sing) the two are able to, quite successfully, pluck the 

listener from the age-diverse and sweaty crowd and plop them right onto their 

weed-cracked hometown sidewalk. The songs are simple and easy to grasp--not 

surprising considering the subject matter of the songs and lack of instruments—but 

the songs still seem somewhat larger than whatever image of high school and 

sidewalks they portray. They feel bold but, more importantly, confident; confident 

that the message they send, even if it is a personal one to a specific person in their 

lives, is important for everyone to listen to. Vocally the harmonies and unisons are 

just pleasing to listen to, and the same can be said of the minimalist guitar and bass. 

My only fear is that, without another member or two (especially a drummer), they 

will be quite limited going into their sophomore album (fingers crossed).