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Heaters - Holy Water Pool Album Review

Dan Burney


Emerging out of seemingly nowhere, the Michigan born trio, Heaters, have bestowed us with a revolutionary psychedelic-rock album, Holy Water Pool. Over the course of 11 beautifully produced and perfectly placed tracks, you’ll find yourself wanting to trip acid with your best friends in some retro California beach town next summer. 

From my personal favorite, “Master Splinter”, to slower jam “Gum Drop”, Heaters have completely mastered that west coast, surfy sound we’ve all worshiped so much over the years, and yet, their originality remains. Sure, they might use extreme reverb, distortion and fuzzy electric guitar effects, just like any other run-of-the-mill psych-rock band, but there’s something about this album that stands above the rest. Someone please send it off to Gia Coppola so she can use it for a soundtrack in her next movie.